2014 Magnet Exchange Final Count

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Jennifer Polver
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2014 Magnet Exchange Final Count

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The final number is 48.

I plan on auctioning a set for charity so if you wish to participant please make 49 - not required

If you don't trust your choice of shipper to treat your magnets with care you may want to make a couple of extra to account for breakage.

Receipt of Magless: March 21, 2014 your magnets must be received by this date!

Please include your number and self addressed label for me to address your return box with

I am also handling the how tos, which are due March 26. You can send them with your magnets for me to scan, you can email them to me as a PDF or word doc or you can send the pictures with the instructions in the body of the email

I look forward to seeing all your creations
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