2015 Magless Exchange Participants - "Final" list

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Emily Will
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2015 Magless Exchange Participants - "Final" list

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These are the participants signed for the Exchange. Be sure you get your money in if you have not already
paid the $25 entry fee. If you do not pay by the end of February, you will be OUT:(
Payments received are noted below. If there is any problem with your payment being sent but not
listed, please contact me.

We have 34 participants. Please send one or two extra in case there is an breakage or other problem. I will
return extras to you.

As a reminder, the mags are to be received by me by April 10, 2015.

Questions? Contact Emily at 919-556-7414, or emily@intenseglass.com

# Name Received $25?
1 Jennifer Polver Yes
2 Emily J. Will Yes
3 Rachel Malakoff Yes
4 Kathryn "KaCe" Whitacre Yes
5 David J. Nutty NOT YET
6 David Wingo NOT YET
7 Barbara Cashman Yes
8 Cynthia Larkin Yes
9 Tish Reed NOT YET
10 Brad Walker Yes
11 Nancy Lappenbusch Yes
12. Dana Worley Yes
13. Siobhan Montgomery Yes
14. Donna Gryder Yes
15. Jane Morgan Yes
16. Ani MacIntyre Yes
17. Patience Vargas Yes
18. Trish Frerking NOT YET
19. Tammy Seiner Yes
20. Nancy Barry Yes
21. Nancy Lewis Yes
22. Joyce Walters NOT YET
23. Linda Martin Yes
24. Jackie Bartman Yes
25. Elenor Conn Yes
26. Barry Kaiser Yes
27. Jennifer Zimmerman Yes
28. Phyllis Wendleboe Yes
29. Kathleen Mott Yes
30. Warren Norgaard Yes
31. Sandy VanDonkelaar Yes
32. Lisa Long NOT YET
33. Brenda Morsey Yes
34. Ross Wirth NOT YET
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