moving to Southern New Mexico, looking for glass

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moving to Southern New Mexico, looking for glass

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Howdy folks! I'm moving to Las Cruces New Mexico, and have been trying to find glass suppliers. I see there are some Bullseye suppliers in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, but I see no coe96 represented in the state, and a whole lot of nothing in Las Cruces. Do I have any fellow New Mexicans here in the forums that can share info on suppliers?

I've been able to buy whole sheets in bulk/wholesale in Austin and San Antonio, but some of those dealers seem to be just selling out of inventory and not restocking. So my initial experience buying local in Austin fell apart after I cleaned them out of inventory the first time. I got "covid supply issues" as the initial excuse, but a visit 3 years later reveals the same glass I didn't buy on my last visit. My current studio project has been on hold for lack of supplies. I found a supplier in San Antonio that was promising at first, but it turns out he has very little whole sheet inventory, so I suspect I will liquidate him of interesting inventory when I drive through on the way to Las Cruces this weekend.

I would be interested in partnering with other glass artists to make wholesale purchases if that is helpful/practical. Getting a large enough order to get a pallet of glass shipped from the factory would take some people that consume a lot of glass, and know what they want in advance. I could commit to enough glass to get a wholesale discount, and maybe enough to get someone to ship whole sheets with some help. I want whole sheets because it reduces how much goes into the scrap bin.

But I hope to find out that one of the local stained glass vendors has inventory, or that there is a good supplier in a nearby place like El Paso. I know there are a few suppliers in Arizona, which are a lot closer than Austin/San Antonio, but I would want to compare notes with other artists before committing to 12 hours of driving.

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