The Business of Glass

Want to turn your glass hobby into a business? Or just learn to make your existing business more profitable? This new pdf is just what you’ve been waiting for.

Topics covered include starting a business, taxes, record keeping, pricing, and ways of selling your glass. From craft shows to galleries, from taking credit cards to writing artist statements, this 52 page pdf covers all the basic information needed to build a thriving, profitable glass business.

Although the pdf is designed for residents of the United States, with information focusing on US tax and financial considerations, many of the topics covered are appropriate for any geographical area.

PDF format, 52 pages, ready for immediate download

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Topics Discussed

  • What’s the difference between a hobby and a business? 

  • How does the IRS decide if you have a legitimate business? 

  • What are the steps involved in starting a business? 

  • Why are taxes good, or what should be the goal of your business?

  • What records do you need to keep for your business?

  • What taxes must you be aware of?

  • What expenses can you deduct on your taxes?

  • How should you price your work?

  • What are the ways to sell your work?

  • How should you sell direct to friends and co-workers?

  • How do craft shows work?

  • What’s it take to work with a gallery or retail shop?

  • How do you start selling work online?

  • How do you create a website for your business?

  • What’s involved in taking credit cards?

  • What about artist statements and bios?

  • Where can I go for more help?