Warm Tip:  Kiln Washing the Shelf

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It is so easy to throw a piece of thinfire on the shelf but there are times when you need to use kiln wash such as high temp firing or when using molds.

Here’s are a few tips on using kiln wash.
1. Follow directions on your brand of kiln wash but generally when mixing kiln wash use a 4 parts water to 1 part powder formula.
2. Use a haike or foam brush to paint on kiln wash.
3. Kiln Wash doesn’t dissolve in water like sugar does so you need to stir the mix in between coats.
4. Coat the shelf or mold 4 to 5 times.
5. You can air dry or place in kiln to dry. (AFAP to 300 for 5 mins and turn off the kiln)

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